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A professional extra burner. Released in 2008, with model name SB30.

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Is it acceptable to use large pots or pans?

I am unsure if it would be safe to use pots and pans larger than the heated surface area.

I've done so on a conventional home oven, but I am worried if this hot plate can even handle the bigger loads.

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It won't hurt anything, but it could be not safe as the possibility of the pan/pot spilling over.

The other factor is the transfer of heat will give you a hot area unless your pan/pot is clad with a Copper or Aluminum core to smooth out the hot spot.

You will also need to think about the volume you are heating here. Boiling a large pot of water will take longer and it may not be able to sustain (recover) the boil. Review the BTU's of the heat plate.

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