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SSD drives do not work in Yosemite?

I have just received my SSD drive kit to convert my Macbook Pro. I cloned the drive to the SSD but before I commit to it as my boot drive, I read this article that explains non-Apple SSD drives will NOT work in Yosemite. Is this true?

Here is the article:


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Yes & No ...

The issue is not the SSD device it's self but the TRIM services people add afterwards which is a hardware device driver. If you don't install any 3rd party TRIM service you won't have a issue booting up. But... You will have no means to clean up the SSD when you throw files away (unless the SSD has it's own cleanup service built-in).

The rub here is Apple is tightening down the OS even more (which is a good thing!), but device drivers which are not signed won't load which is where the issue is here. OK, is there a way around this? Yes, but it turns off the the security service across all device drivers (not a good idea). For now you'll need to wait while the TRIM device driver is approved by Apple.

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Important to note that you CAN disable KEXT-signing to enable third-party SSD TRIM. While this is undesirable and an additional security risk, it is no less secure than previous versions of the OS that didn't enforce the feature.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Apple to support your third-party SSD. They are going to use this "security feature" to extract additional licensing and control over the hardware. The current Apple direction seems to be to "appliance-iffy" everything and kill the third-party accessory market even in the Macintosh space.

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