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A point and shoot camera in the Cyber-shot series, released in 2010.

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cybershot dsc-w310 is showing only white screen

it is showing a white screen when it is turning on

and no change for further

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any answer for this? I also got white screen everytime i turn on the cam.


Push down all the buttons at once and push and hold the on -off button until it resets and the white screen should disappear .

It took me a few times,as it's a bit awkward.


I get a white screen when I take a picture, almost everytime, the odd time it doesn't?


I see the image fine through the screen but when I take a picture, it comes across as almost all white (slight horizontal shading).

How does the reset work? Which buttons should be held down? all of the menu and display buttons on the back?


If the almost white screen (we call wash out) only happens for pictures then the issue is your lens or settings. Go to main menu/settings/initialize settings. If that doesn't work then you will need a lens replacement because you have a bad iris/aperture.

Question are the lines slightly bent? Do you have any heavy hues like purplish.. etc.. in your picture or is it just washed out?


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Sounds like either moisture damage, a loose or bad lcd or bad board. If you are up to it open up the unit and

reseat the LCD back into the ziff clamp and see if that helps. There is a clamp that holds the LCD down and

it may have come loose. Try to reseat the LCD, and while you have the LCD disengaged examine the flex

cable for damage. Keep us posted. If you need a disassembly guide just let me know.

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How do you know how to open the camera?


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