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How to re-solder the headphone jack

In iFixit's late 2013 teardown of the 15" macbook pro retina, it was mentioned that the headphone jack is susceptible to breakage because it's now soldered onto the logic board. Has anyone experienced the headphone jack breaking? And how would one go about soldering the headphone jack back on? Can you use the same jack or do you have to get a new one? I haven't seen the jack for the new retina's available for purchase anywhere. Thanks.

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Logic board component soldering takes special tools and lots of practice. Unless you do this for a living you should probably hire a computer repair/small electronic repair shop to do the work.

Depending upon the state of the jack when you notice the problem it may be reused, or need replacement.

If under warranty I'd take the box to apple.

A workaround would be to use a USB audio dongle. . .

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A USB dongle is what I chose to do. It is ugly and obtrusive but also less than $15 compared to a new $900 logic board or headphone port solder which would be at least $150 if a local repair tech can do it.


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