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Laptops manufactured by Panasonic.

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Why are the Panasonic toughbook CF-Y7 speakers no longer working

After muting my speakers using the hotkey:Fn+F4 the speakers muted alright But after pressing the same keys to un-mute there is no longer any sound coming out.I have tried downloading drivers but they no longer work i dont understand how a simple hotkey can mess everything?

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Good Question! I suppose You have Windows 7 installed and further the Windows-Vista-Hotkey-Drivers. These Drivers working under Windows 7 wrong. The Solution: Uninstall these Vista-Hotkey-Drivers. Get from Panasonic-Support Page the Hotkey Drivers for the CF-F9K (Windows 7 Professional for English(North America), "Hotkey Driver", "Hotkey Appendix", "Hotkey Settings"). Install first "Hotkey Driver", then "Hotkey Appendix" and then "Hotkey Settings". Now the Hotkeys will work correctly.

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