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Das Galaxy SII ist ein Smartphone mit Android "Gingerbread" das von Samsung designt, entwickelt und vertrieben wurde.

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Device would not charge or turn on using various chargers

Hello guys,

I own a Samsung Galaxy S2 and when i received it it was on Android 2.3.5 .

It was running well so i decided to upgrade it to android 4.1.2 using CyanogenMod.

The installation of this mod was a success although after that, When I tried charging it and connecting it to my laptop, It wouldn't charge.

The charging symbol was showing for seconds and then it disappeared. When i press the Power Button ONCE , it showed the charging symbol. I left my phone charging for a whole afternoon.

When I checked it it was still in charging mode so I decided to take it off from the wall charger and press the Power Button one time. Nothing happened. When i went to recovery and download mode, it showed a slight fast red text saying the battery is low.

I don't want to pay for a new phone.

I would go fix it in repair shops but I'm a bit out of cash to do so.

Your answers are most welcomed.

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It seems is caused by upgrade. Maybe you can try to downgrade your phone to say if can work.

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@ Jasondabiex - If the battery is still good then try using another charger (they're all pretty much generic anymore) . If that doesn't work then it's probably the charger input slot on the phone. If you're not careful plugging in the charger and jam it in at an angle or upside down, after awhile you'll end up destroying the contacts inside the slot and that means time for a new phone. Hopefully it's just a bad charger. New batteries are a bit costly but it beats buying a new phone.

Good Luck!


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I tested around 12 chargers from alot of friends and still don't work. I hope it's with the battery or the USB slot. Since it damaged since upgrading it.


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