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Überarbeitung der Xbox 360-Reihe von Spielekonsolen (Version Mitte 2013) mit 4 USB-Anschlüssen und integrierter Wi-Fi-Konnektivität.

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does removing the hard drive break the warranty seal?

My xbox 360 e 4gb edition gave me the red dot of death after having it and normal use for about 10 months and im trying to fix that and everyone keeps telling me to remove the hard drive and vacuum the outside and I want to do all of that. But I also want to use it to trade in for an xbox one but I cant break the warranty seal so im just wondering if opening that will break the warranry seal or not?

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Or if someone has any ideas on ways to get rid of the dot of death for me that would be greatly appreciated!!!!


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Removing the hard drive is very simple, just look on the side and look for the slide release for the cover, then pull out the hard drive. This will not break the warranty seal in any way. I wouldn't try to vaccum out anything with a household vac, what they are talking about is removing the case and getting rid of dust inside the unit, might be causing over heating. Removing the case will break the seal and void the warranty, but if you 5hink you might have excess dust inside then and you've had it more than a year you would have a warranty anymore anyway, but use compressed air, like the kind used for keyboards, to blow away the dust.

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Yes opening and removing the internal memory of a 360 will void the warranty only if the memory is located inside the 360. If it's the model with an external hard drive then you will not void said warranty.

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