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Has my iMac died?

So my iMac I've been using for years won't turn on.

The screen has been a little lame recently, but I tolerated it. No big deal there. Then, my power strip (not a surge protector) exploded one day while the iMac was plugged in. Now I can only occasionally get the light to turn on, and then it will go off. And that's only when I really try for a while. Have I accidentally led my beloved iMac G3 to its demise? What could be broken? I'd like to fix this and keep using it if at all possible.

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Justin T. your exploding power strip and "only occasionally get the light to turn on, and then it will go off" would have me suggest that you check the power board. Sounds like a few bad caps or solder joints. Watch the CRT, there are some pretty high voltages

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Connect to an external monitor. If you see nothing there the GPU/VGC logic board is bad. If you see an image there the internal display chain is the problem. WORKING ON CRTs is VERY DANGEROUS and NOT FOR AMATEURS only a computer/small electronics repair shop should work on an all-in-one machine like this.

You may want to use it with an external monitor (should that work) or part it out on e-bay.

If I misread your question and the "light' is the power on light, not the display - you most likely damaged the power supply. SAME ADVICE APPLIES as above.

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