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How to fix "dead pixels" on Panasonic Viera 32" LED TV (L32E3)?

I have a Panasonic Viera 32" LED TV (model number TC L32E3) that has recently had a bizarre problem. It appears to have a group of 15-20 dead pixels in the center of the screen. I found this to be strange because the TV is only 2 years old, the pixels were never stuck, the TV is not used an unreasonable amount, and the pixels died all at once in a cluster. From what I have researched, pixels almost always die individually. Another strange thing is that a few of the pixels around the edge of the cluster appear to be working slightly, but are extremely dim, almost black. I have tried unplugging and restarting the TV, changing the input, applying pressure and heat to the pixels in case they are actually stuck, and cleaning the screen in case it is something on the glass, and nothing has worked. This was a $575 TV that worked great up to this point. The warranty is up and I am out of ideas on how to fix it. If somebody could help me out, it would be very appreciated.

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There was a few programs out there which you could exorcise dead or always on pixels in PC & Mac displays I don't know of any way you could do this without hooking up a PC to your screen Pixel Exerciser. I must tell you many of these programs didn't help ;-{ as the display logic within the display its self was bad.

The prices of TV's has dropped so low now its just not economical to even try to replace the screen. A friend of mine just picked up a 50" for $400 new! where as I paid over a grand for my 45" a few years ago and his TV is better than mine!

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