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Replacement of both screen and battery

The question is that I'm going to change my iPhone 5 both screen and battery. It seems to be piece of cake. First screen off, unplug the old one and plug the new one, replace the battery etc. But do I need to know anything special becouse of "double change"? Which one first? Or would it be more clever to change first the screen, then try if the phone still works and after that replace the battery?

Also, do I need any glue or some kind of transparent tape with the screen replacement? In videos, they don't seem to add anything special there?

Both battery and screen are ordered from eBay. Screen with the homebutton etc. already.

I've watched YouTube videos about replacement and also changed my battery back then when I had iPhone 4S, so I'm not completely dumb about these things. :) Just want to make sure!

I'd appreciate your help.


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If the screen you ordered from ebay has all of the components already attached, then you saved yourself some time for sure. There really is no "this before that" method you'll have to follow, instead use your common sense. You have to remove the old screen to even get to the battery, so why install the new screen, have it sitting there and possibly getting cables bent and the like, when you can remove your old screen, set it aside and do the battery replacement.

You will not need glue or any type of adhesive for this screen repair, especially since you already ordered a full assembly with all the small bits attached. So honestly, it makes more sense to do it in this fashion: remove old screen, remove old battery, install new battery, install new screen, celebrate with a drink, post success story.

Good luck!

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Change the screen first and then the battery if you can. Be gentle prying the battery up because the glue they use is very strong. You don't need adhesive strips for the iPhone 5/5s/5c, just remember when fitting the screen that there is lips at the top of the screen that MUST be tucked under the housing or you will fail to install the screen. When the screen is plugged in get it at a 30 degree angle and slide it in to the top of the housing and then begin to press down the rest of the screen. If you have a problem where the phone vibrates/makes a sound every few seconds when everything is connected just reconnect and disconnect the battery. One last tip, remember where the 4 screws go for the metal bracket covering the digitizer/lcd/camera flex cable it is very important that you put every screw in its correct location

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