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Home button sometimes works, sometimes doesnt, How can I repare it?

The home button on my iPod touch 3G (32 GB) is semi functional, sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes I have to press the #%!% thing 5 times just to get it to function.

An example would be double tapping the home button to bring up the multitasking bar (iOS4) or when i had iOS3, to bring up the music notification.. Sometimes it would act as a single button press and exit which ever app im in, and sometimes it would work correctly, and even sometimes I could just press the home button once and it would act as if i pressed it twice..

I understand it may be placed incorrectly or something, would you be able to show me how to take it apart and fix it?

I cannot afford to send it in to get repaired at the moment, so this is the only alternative.

Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon!

If youd prefer to email me, you can contact me @ Matt.s@live.ca


I got the device a year ago, I didn't apply for futureshops warranty, would I be eligible to send it to apple?

It isn't too much of a deal, but sometimes I want to smash my iPod to a million pieces because it can be so frustrating lol.

I might just wait until I know there is a jailbreak for 4.0, I have shshs for my iPod touch 3G, which I don't want to lose, in case 4.0 for ipt3g isn't possible.

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I think all products are eligible to send it to apple, just that if its under warranty and doesnt fits the you-done-this-so-there-goes-your-warranty kind of action (jailbreaking for one), it would be free. BUT if its out of warranty or if you have tempered with it in such a way that your warranty is voided, i think you need to pay for whatever service you need. hope this helps.

Source: Read it somewhere before, didnt remember

PS: can go to : http://images.apple.com/legal/warranty/d...

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uh change the iPod in the link to iPod and it would work out fine


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Mine had the same problem... maybe not that serious. Mine was a bit stiff but just trying with each press of the home button apply slightly more pressure on it (it won't break LOL) and hold it for a little longer? That worked for me.

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i would suggest getting a new bezel and replacing it yourself...

p.s have you tried jailbreakme.com? check it out.

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