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Touch screen doesn't work after screen replacement


I changed my battery and screen in my iPhone 5. It seems to be okay when I turned it on, I don't notice on the screen anything different, but I just can't do anything with it becouse the screen doesn't work - only thing I can do is to hard reset it but it don't work neither.

Both buttons work, it sure detects my SIM-card but nothing else.

Any ideas what to do?

Hoping for fast answer, sincerely


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Hi Askeli,

There's a few possible scenarios here that I can think of right off the bat. First would be a bad battery, as an under performing battery (or a new defective one) can cause all sorts of issues, weird and random and unheard of, until it happens. The next thing I can think of would be damage to the digitizer cable during installation. Did you completely remove your screen? Did you let it lean against something? There could be a microtear on the flex from twisting or tension. Without knowing the procedure you used, I couldn't rule out board damage per say but it is unlikely during a battery swap.

Is there any other information that might help lead us to a cause?

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I have now tried with the old battery and the new battery - same results. Also with the new screen and the damaged screen - no difference.

Yes, I completely removed the damaged screen first and I kept the screens allways in 90 degrees or less. Then, I removed the bad battery, put the new one in, put the new screen in and tested. After that I've made several changes with or without the new screen or the new battery as I said.

Maybe I've damaged some part of the phone? What should I do? This piece of phone is obviously now useless.


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Any thoughts anyone?

I don't know if this helps, but I asked beforehand about the replacement. Here's the Replacement of both screen and battery.

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Putting aside the common causes as you have already done (screen, battery) and if you are sure there is no board damage, that leaves little that could cause it. It doesn't sound like software so a restore wouldn't help. If you have a loop or magnifying glass, check out the connector on the board for the digitizer, make sure no pins are out of alignment and everything looks as it should. Also make sure the put the screws back for the display fastener exactly how they came, with the slightly non-magnetic screw on the rightmost post. Other than that, I think we covered the basics. Worst case scenario it is gremlins.


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