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Black and silver single cup coffee maker with water reservoir on the left hand side. K40/K45.

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Not brewing any coffee

My Keurig make sounds like it wants to make coffee but the hot water comes out the overflow back into the resevour tank. I have tried the paper clip and no help. Is it time for the trash or might there be a fix?

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There is always a way to fix things. Follow this link to another person who asked the same question, you may find it within these answers hopefully. My Keurig makes brewing noises but doesn't brew.

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Tore my Keirig Elite down after repeated failure to brew, overflow to the reservoir and leaks. Leak is coming from a corroded control valve at the top left rear of the unit, attached to the side of the water heating tank. Lots of rust and the resulting bloom has compromised the seal on the valve and likely its operation. The silver top of the unit refuses to separate from the base through any gentle and not so gentle persuasion. I cannot access the valve without destroying the top of the casing. The valve looks pretty terminal whether I can reach it or not. I'm calling it, time of death 1:26 pm.

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