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Repair and troubleshooting help for the Memo Pad ME172V, a 2013 tablet manufactured by Asus.

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Why will my asus tablet not turn on?

my asus tablet fell on the floor, and the screen blanked out. since then, it will not turn back on at all. i have tried to reset it, but it still will not turn on. what should i do?

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I have the same problem!


The battery was disconnected open it up and reconnect it this has happened to me twice. I had to place padding inside to prevent it from happening again.


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If the screen is cracked it's entirely possible that the screen is totally non- functional, so you have no obvious way of telling if its on or off. One way that you can try to determine whether the tablet is functioning is to use another computer to connect to your wifi router, and see whether it has tried to to connect to the router since you dropped it.

If you're unable or unwilling to do that you have two alternatives, either replace the tablet or try to replace the screen. This isn't rocket science.

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