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Headphone stuck on red light


The dreaded red light has happened on my mid 2010 13inch Macbook pro A1278.

I have tried the toothpick, Compressed air, Qtip techniques with no success.

Are there any other suggestions?

I have fiddled with a safety pin in the hole at 3 o'clock to try to trip the sensor but i cannot get it to work.

Are there any plans of the inside of the port to give me a better idea of what i am aiming for?

Is there a software update or change that could have caused this issues?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Here are Audio jack problem, no speaker sound, red light possible things to try.

My workaround is to use a USB audio dongle - USB audio is separate from analog audio and you should be able to choose it as audio out in System Preferences:sound.

These dongles have line out (headphone) jacks. They are not that large and can be carried with your headphone or laptop case.

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the redlight can also happen when there's no driver insalled (for example, if you install bootcamp and don't install the audio drivers) so it may as well be a software problem too. It also happens as soon as you plug an headphone out of the jack (while it's switching to the speakers again)

Do you experience any problems when using the speaker too?

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When I plug the headphones in sound comes out through them, when I switch the settings to use output the sound uses the internal speakers (with headphones plugged in) when I unplug them it returns to the red light and optical out option only on the settings

Is there a way of checking the drivers are in place?


If there were no drivers there'd be no sound. Seems that a physical switch inside the headphone jack is not working properly - however you are ahead of most with the problems in that you can manually switch to speaker audio. Most can't. You still have not indicated if you're using Windows or Mac as your OS


machead3 , i am using Yosemite 10.10.1


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