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Released September 14, 2012, Apple's EarPod headphones are a new revision to their iconic white headphones. Model number: MNHF2AM/A.

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Apple Earpod Pin Out.

Tip - Left - Green

Ring1 - Right - Red

Ring2 - Ground - Green/Gold & Red/Gold & Red/Green*

Ring3 - Mic - Gold*

  • There's a wire that has red and green strands wrapped around gold strands. Separate them. The red/green is ground. The gold is for the microphone.

(By gold, I mean the color of the insulation, not the metal.)

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I'm trying to connect the micro end of my ear buds to a USB cord to b able to charge my iphone


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Not an answer, but a further question. What is the schematic of the control buttons? What do they do when they are closed?

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