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The Dell Inspiron 15R laptop features a 15.6" screen, brushed aluminum finish and long battery life, plus a thin and lightweight design.

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How much do replacement speakers cost?

My laptop speakers are got damaged during watching movie and now these are making very fedded noise during uses. What are the speakers cost to replace them with new one and can i replace them with better one speakers with good and high volume.

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ANKIT, the speaker assembly part number 23.40744.021 DG15) can be had for around $30USD and it is widely available. Depends on where you are will of course make a difference. There are really no good internal speakers available, but you could always try a good USB soundcard and good external speakers

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you guys lied to me


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what is the cost for usb card

Update (06/13/2017)

also, my surround independent speakers are not usb, is on the side port, is there a kit to enable my using a USB port ??

Update (06/13/2017)

my pc is a dell inspiron, lap top, my speakers, ( internal) never has been good, now they have totally quit/no sound, much work have i dodge, researching, settings etc, I m very dissapointed with my $650.00 investment, I believed I did good buying from dell, apparently dell, has slipped in their work's

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