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The fourth generation of Honda Accord covering model years 1990 through 1993 available in coupe, sedan, and wagon chassis.

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Cooling Fan is always on in 1990 honda accord.

The cooling fan is draining the battery. I replaced the switch for the cooling fan. After the car is turned off it comes on and stays on for longer than 10 minutes any suggestions??

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Does your dashboard have any indication of car temperature when this happens? Does this happen consistently? If you turn the car on (cold start) and immediately back off, what happens?


Have you checked the fan relay yet?


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I changed the relay and thermal sensors on inlet and outlet but nothing changed and the fan kept running about the same length of time.

There is a fan timer somewhere under the dash but I never bothered to change that. If it is running after shutdown it is a good thing and your timer is probably okay. During the time I was fixing this I changed the battery (the parts store checked it and found it was weak so they changed it for free under the warranty).

Your engine it is probably getting too hot if it consistently runs the fan after shutdown.

Check the AC circuit after the car is warmed up, it should turn both fans on when the AC clutch is engaged. Make sure no coolant is leaking anywhere it runs hotter when it is not pressurized properly. If it is transferring coolant between the overflow and the radiator then it is sealed properly.

My thermostat was stuck closed. After changing it still ran the fan after parking although for a shorter time. The thermostat should open at 170 or 180 degrees F the sensor should switch the fan on a little above that.

I wired a switch to my dash to run the smallest fan. I used a 12v switched wire under the dash that was pretty thick and fused it then ran 14 gauge wire through a firewall grommet to the +12 v side of the fan. Now the fan never runs after shutdown.

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The outlet hose coming out of the top your radiator has a fan temperature sensing switch. You will see it just after the hose ends mounted in the aluminum adapter. These are rated to engage at a preset temperature when you shut your car off. So that if your car is too hot it will cool it off. Please copy and paste the above link from advance. This guy explains this. Hope this helps. Pat F.

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Why the cooling fan take to long to star to work? It work after I shut off the engine but does not when it is hidling and the car gauge is on the top (HOT)

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