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Where can I get sim card tray

I have lost my sim card tray which is in nexus 7 2013 lte model. without it now i am unable to use it. any idea where i can get it?

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get a thin but rigid plastic card or sleeve (not credit card thick). Cut it slightly larger than the sim card and trim it until it fits snugly into the slot. Then just slide the sim card in, metal facing the glass and the trimmed corner facing up. Then trim the plastic piece until it's flush but leave a little so you can remove it with tweezers if you need to. When you need to remove it, just tweezer the piece of plastic out and the sim card will fall out. I use mine with a case so it never accidentally falls out. It's pretty snug. Works perfect and saved me $27 in what ebay was asking.

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Though the options are limited, there are a few currently listed on eBay. A search for 'nexus 7 sim card tray' will get you to them. Additionally, you might choose to contact Asus directly.

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