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How to get touch screen to work

Some of the numbers are unresponsive, i.e ,2-5-8-0, I also can't answer call. I am able to adjust the volume and the power button works. Any suggestions? This means I can't enter my code to unlock the screen.

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Hi Cyllan,

Sounds like you might have a damaged digitizer if the touch is only partially working. You may need to replace the digitizer in order to get the touch function to be fully functional again. As for you not being able to enter your unlock code because of the unresponsive screen I have a couple suggestions:

1) If you have the screen auto-rotate feature enabled already on the phone then you might try turning the phone to landscape view when on the code screen and retry the buttons that did not respond before to see if they will work. I had a issue similar and that's how I was able to resolve my unlock code issue.

2) If you already have your personal files, pictures, videos or any other personal things you have saved on the phone that you do not wish to lose backed up to the cloud or a SD card you can always put the phone in recovery mode and reset it to factory to delete any user codes you have set in order to bypass the unlock screen. Use this as a last resort however because all information on your phone will be wiped and reset to factory settings with zero chance at recovering that information.

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1) If you get an OTG cable, you can connect a regular USB mouse to interact with your phone.

2) When replacing your LCD, (dont get with frame as you have to move bunch of parts to new housing), there is trick.

One of the glue tape also acts as insulator. The rectangular wire mesh under the power board(near white power cable, under those tiny chips that are used to test LCD/Touch controls) should not touch the bigger rectangular wire mesh attached to LCD flexible cable. I used a piece of doubled up tape, (so no melted glue would mess with anything).

It was easy to replace screen. Just need hairdryer (careful gets hot really fast), razor blade and free tools that come with screen.

Open back.

Only take off mainboard cover so you can disconnect battery power. Next to it, disconnect big LCD/... plug.

On bottom, pull up the speaker/mic board than disconnect white power cable. Just use finger nails to pull straight up. Disconnect LCD. Use a little heat to help pull up board. You should leave right side with black cable alone/attached. Use heat to help detach LCD cable.

Use heat and razor blade to detach screen. Maybe doing this first with cover is easier. Always check heat. Gets really hot in a few secs.

I threw out all glue tape i encountered. It took many trial to figure out which one LG had used to create illusion of damaged digitizer during self repair. So if you see perfect screen, your digitizer prolly isnt broken either.

Just adding i didnt have any adhesive to attach LCD to frame. So im just using my spigen case to hold it. It was a really snug fit. So if your case is like that...

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