My samsung gt-i9100 turned dead and will not turn back on!

I had my phone on the charger while sleeping for a duration of almost 8 hours like ive done for the past 4 years ive had my samsung. However ive had my hotspot option active aswell. I woke up and opened my phone normally and was surfing my facebook account searching through friends walls and posts, when suddenly my phone turned black. i thought it was a glitch i tried to press the homepage over and over, it didnt work. i pressed the on/off button and it didnt even show any sign of power no light no screen no nothing. i removed the battery for over a minute plugged it in and still nothing. i removed the battery and plugged the phone in the charger still no sign of anything not even the charging icon. i changed cables still nothing. i surfed the net for answers and tried several tips. i pressed the volum button up and down. i pressed the home button with the on/off button with the volume and still i cant even get the reboot factory reset option. i tried connecting it to the laptop and still no sign as if my phone was just a toy :( . Please all im asking is for a way to access my info on the phone and my whatsaap messages and contact lists. please awaiting your reply and suggestions.

Many Thanks


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