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Ein Wecker, der den Sonnenaufgang simuliert. Er verfügt zusätzlich über ein Radio sowie eine USB-Verbindung und ist durch die Modellnummer HF3485 identifizierbar.

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How to fix the light buttons that not always work properly?

I have a philips wake up light HF3470 and there are 3 buttons to control the light. (brigther, turn it on/off, dimm). Now 50% of the times these work properly. But sometimes when the on/off button is pressed, the light will dimm (as if the button below was pressed), and when the dimm button is pressed, the volume goes up (which is the button below it).

At first I suspected it to be a physical problem that the plastic of one button presses the other a little bit. But I dissassembled the light, and even when pressing the buttons without the white protectors, it still has the same behaviour.

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I'm also having this issue. None of the buttons work at all. Anyone found a solution internally?


Had same problem.

After going through each of the PCBs it tured out that one of the button fas not working and disturbed the function of the others.

I just removed VOL DOWN and everything started to work (except vol down). Replaced it with a cheap one from ebay and now it's just as new!


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If you opened it completely down to the boards level, then maybe you have noticed that the pushbuttons are no reparable. They must be changed with new. They are not expensive, but you need some skills for de-soldering the existing ones and re-solder the new replacement.

They look like:


And the datasheet :


says that usually such pushbutton is good up to 1 million operations in normal conditions of temperature, humidity, assuming that is no overpressure or mechanical shock applied.

If you have the skills worth to try it given the fact that the lamp is not cheap, but be ready for surprises as: maybe the wires between pushbuttons board and main board to have some problems or even the integrated circuits on the main board.

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Did somebody Change the Buttons like Victor suggested? Did it help? I habe the same problem. Cheap quality for such an extensive Item.

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I did not need to change the buttons. In my case one of the radio buttons had gotten stuck "depressed" internally. I simply disassembled the light (fairly straight forward), popped off the grey plastic button covers, and pressed the actual button beneath. I also applied some electrical contact cleaner to make sure it doesn't get stuck again. Has been working great ever since.


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Tow of the buttons on my Wake up light are not working / got mixed up in their function: 1) Light up is only changing the clock upwards 2) select + button is selecting the menu, just like the menu instead of changing the clock (instead thats what the light button is doing). …I dismantled everything but can’t find out what is causing this mixed up buttons problem. (not an expert at all in electronics). Any suggestions on what to do?

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