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white screen on tv

white is to bright to see picture? turn it off and back on picture came back on.Then does it again after a minute or so.

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wardharold, first what is your TV's model? then explain the "white to bright" a bit more. Does your TV turn white, as in only the backlight is on or can you still make other things out on the screen. The better you describe the symptoms, the greater the chance to get a good answer. Remember we can not see what you see, so we can only go by what you tell us.


sorry,yes you can see picture,but it`s like you turned brightness up 200%


what is your TV's model


vizio vw46l fhdtv10a is md #


The VW46LFHDTV10A has an issue with a variable resistor to come of the board. Of course, you want to check all the connections, pay particular attention to the T-con board connectors.


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my vizio tv turns on, no logo, then shows black screen then slowly turns into a white screen. Please help

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