Replaced wifi antenna, now wifi is working but bluetooth is not?

I replaced the glass on my Ipad 2 and did not read up properly beforehand.... After reassembly my wifi was awful although bluetooth was working OK. I bought a new wifi/bluetooth antenna and redid the procedure, making sure to be gentle with the new antenna and placing it right.

I reassembled again and wifi is perfect, I thought everything was good. Only now did I notice that I can no longer connect to my bluetooth logitech keyboard! I wondered if the keyboard was bad (it is new) so I tried to find my Ipad's bluetooth signal with my PC and it does not see any bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth settings on the ipad is not greyed out. It searches, but does not find anything. What might be wrong? Wifi is great but it seems I traded wifi for bluetooth, boo hoo..... =( I just updated to the latest IOS with no improvement. If I was to open it up a third time I still wouldn't know what to change, I followed the detailed guides on this page but still I may have messed something up. Is this isolated bluetooth issue familiar to anybody?

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If you encounter this problem with this keyboard, press down bluetooth button keyboard for 5 seconds, instead of tapping it. This is not in the manual, but it has worked for people. Bluetooth is in fact working on my ipad so move along, sorry about the fuzz and all that.


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