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Inspiron 14z, a 14-incher with a slimmed-down aluminum body, available in a surprisingly staid color palette. For 2012, Dell had updated the 14-inch Inspiron 14z with Intel's 3rd Generation Core Series processor and a brand new design that's thin and light enough to make the system an Ultrabook.

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Horisontal screen lines and screen freezing.

The screen has small, white lines across the top and from time to time the screen freezes, I have found a remedy to this but it does not really work. I adjust the angle of the screen, this only fixes the freezing screen though.

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Cillian, if adjusting the angle of the screen fixes the issues with lines going through the LCD, you could have issues with the display cable. The freezing of the screen could be a memory issue as well as a GPU issue. Try an external monitor and see what you get. If that works, you will have to take your laptop apart and take a look at the cable and connector. I would also recommend to change the thermal paste on the GPU/CPU etc.

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