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The Motorola Q is a Windows Mobile smartphone with similar styling to Motorola's immensely popular RAZR.

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Recharging port is not connecting, how to repair?

Sometimes holding the recharging plug at a certain angle will charge, but it will not stay. Can this be repaired?

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The moto q is charged via the usb port, the port could normally repaired - but that involves soldering

you wrote that it works when you hold it in a certain angle - sounds ok - but it isn't!

the more you bent it, the more damage could be done

is used a picture from the teardown to show you this:

Block Image

to fix it, you have to resolder the broken parts - and it would be a good idea to check the 5 usb contacts to the main board - they break if they were bent to often

if the picture is to small, use the huge one

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Try cleaning the lint out of the charge port.I had same problem ,so i took a pin and picked an amazing amount of lint out. Know it works like new.

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