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Model M2453 or M6411 / 300, 366, or 466 MHz G3 processor

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hard drive not recognised

Hi ive got a 10gb hard drive with 10.4.11 and I removed my old one today and installed the new one. On putting all back together and turning on I get the little smiley face and a question mark. Am I supposed to do something at the chime! Please advise. As it is I snapped the trackpad cable so now have to replace the front.

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Which G3 clamshell are you running?


Hi it's the indigo model ive upgraded the ram to 512


Does no one know about Mac hard changes and installing a hd with software on it the seller isn't helpful at all


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Looks like your OS is to high for this machine.

Apple iBook G3/366 SE (Original/Clamshell) Specs

Identifiers: Original/Clamshell - M7716LL/A - PowerBook2,1 - M2453 - N/A

Pre-Installed MacOS: 8.6 Maximum MacOS: X 10.3.9

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But why won't it load the old drive which is 10.1


Was it booting from the old drive before you replaced it? Did you put the old drive back in? What do you get on the screen when trying to boot from it?


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