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The Lexmark Intuition S505 is a multifunction wireless color inkjet printer released in 2010.

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unit has a problem with cyan cartridge

unit does not see cyan cartridge and has questions marks on the other two, used old cartridge, but still get the same results. keeps telling me too change unit. they show low ink om unit. can you tell me problem. thanks, have a nice day.

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On the top of all of the ink cartridges, notice the letters "A" & B in between these letters is a carbon spot, not very noticable, but do assume it is there. Lexmark refurbished replacement cartridges recommends to use a sharp knife to scrape of this spot. I have no idea what this spot pertains to, but, I do believe that it only occurs with used refurbished ink cartridges. It is some sort of contact point that the printer uses to sent information to your computer for supply levels, and DATA to the cartridge. Once I scraped the spot off the cartridge, the supply level showed up as full on my computer, before it was reading only half full. The Cartidge now works like it should, where as before I was getting nothing.

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I have a OfficeEdge Pro 5500, and put a set of compatible Ink cartridges all worked well at the start, but later the cyan cartridge was displayed on the touch screen as being empty, the other three colours are indicating according to use as normal. I went through the printer head cleaning sequence, but the Cyan was still indicated as empty, but which when physically shaken it sounds as if there is still a lot of ink in it. I have the feeling that their is a slight blockage in the cyan section of the printing head, that in the first instance is over come by the gravity properties of a full Ink Cartridge, but then as a certain amount of cyan is used the gravitational property decreases, and stops the flow of ink, which fools the printers ink flow mechanism, and indicates an empty Cartridge. I Would appreciate any tips available .


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