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The GEAR’D UP RC Ford Mustang GT is a remote controlled car released in 2014 and is sold by Jam'n Products INC. Its Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is B00NE4NTYS. A similar car exists with the same design, but the other car is marked with police colors instead rather than the red and white colors that this model has.

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Why is my remote control not working?

The car successfully powered on. However, it is not responding or moving in sync with the remote control.

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I have a problem with my axial scx10 after a friend hosed it off. The car is not responding to the romote. The wheels turn but it dose not drive.


I have a rustler and purchased different batteries, come to see that they don't fit in the car, but can they still work. How do u reprogram a car?


I have a problem when i turn the car on the wheels go round on there own. Why is this happening


Not responding to the controller


I have a Kyosho Fiesta DRX VE. The remote has been playing up since day one. The car turns on its own, locks the wheels in one direction etc... My question is: Can I replace the stock Syncro KT remote with Traxxas transmitter/receiver system? Will the receiver need calibration?


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Well, there are a few possibilities why the car is not responding to the remote control.

The first is that the batteries in the remote are dead. If the batteries are dead, power will not flow to the controls or transmitter. To fix this, you can replace the batteries. For instructions on how to replace the batteries, please see our Remote Batteries Replacement guide.

Another possibility is a loose wire inside the control. The remote works when electricity flows through the control. For the electricity to flow, it needs direct contact between two conductors inside the controller. If the wires are disconnected, you will have to replace the board in the remote. To replace the board, you can go to our Circuit Board Replacement guide.

If you have multiple cars, you can test the remote by using it on the other car. If the other car will work, then the issue is with the car not the remote. In that case you can take a look at the guides for repairing the car.

Geardup RC Ford Mustang GT Remote Batteries Bild


Geardup RC Ford Mustang GT Remote Batteries Replacement


Sehr einfach

3 - 5 minutes

Geardup RC Ford Mustang GT Remote Circuit Board Bild


Geardup RC Ford Mustang GT Remote Circuit Board Replacement



10 minutes

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I bought a usd 2007 4runner.

It comes with two remote controls. I reprogram one of the remotes for another car.

Now the remote lock and unlock the tow cars.

My question is

How can I rest the remote to use it for one car?

I hope you help me i will be grateful.


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None of the answers take the radio part into the account. Somebody has been jamming RC cars on 27mhz in Phoenix AZ using modified ham equipment, I even recorded it and posted it on Facebook. Check with your radio, tune it to 27147 khz, and if you hear beeps from the remote control, something else is wrong. If you hear music(like I did) you have to tune your RC car to a different frequency.

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do the 2002 nissan altima remote control is activated by a fuse on the car fuse box or is it independent?


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