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Erschienen im Frühjahr 2014. Ausgestattet mit einem 5,5" Bildschirm. Ursprüngliches Betriebssystem war CyanogenMod 12S. Modellbezeichnung "ONE A0001"

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No cellular service after screen replacement.

I recently replaced my screen on the OPO, with much difficulty thanks to the screen being fused to the midbody. When I finally got things back together I realized I no longer have a cellular signal. I'm fairly certain that I reconnected all of the ribbon cables. I don't see where the cellular components of the OPO are highlighted in any of the breakdowns. Can someone assist with this?

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Don't know if you fixed this, but for others who may have this problem, it is the signal cable that is attached to the mainboard. It is located underneath the right bottom corner of the mainboard. it is the first thing you must connect when putting the mainboard back in. Also the battery cover must be on to get a signal because it also has an antenna built in so the little pin heads sticking up to touch the back plate or battery cover must contact the cover. Cleaning the battery cover helps get a better signal.


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I found the solution on my own, and with help from users on the OnePlus.net forums. There is a HUGE oversight in the tear down and screen replacement guides on here involving the possibility of the cellular antenna coming loose from the motherboard. Without knowing it was even there, I simply forgot to check the connection, which was indeed not connected.

Here is an illustration to help others (notice the cable for the antenna is the gold connector cable that the tech is pointing to with the spudger(sp?):


Hope this helps others.

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You're a lifesaver. It took me over an hour to get the %#*@ thing plugged in, but now my phone is more than just a uselessly small tablet.


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Thank you!!! I just managed to fix my OPO because of this answer!!! thank you!!!

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