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The BT 350 Digital Baby Monitor Lightshow features crystal clear HD sound and talk back.

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Baby monitor lcd screen blank?

The parent handset on my bt 350 baby monitor and pacifyer has gone blank all the buttons work but can't see anything on screen .can anyone help please.

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This seems to be a common problem so any help for us mums would be great .Thank you


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Hmm i am not familiar with baby monitors but first i would check the power source . test the adapter to make sure it is supplying power or remove the batteries and check the terminals . sometimes the terminals might need a little pry to touch the battery again. Other than that i would suspect an internal issue which would require you to take it apart and look for damage such as loose or broken wires . any black residue on the board anywhere, leaking capacitors blown fuses. wish i could be of more help.

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