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Die Wi-Fi Version des iPad Mini 2. Angekündigt am 22. Oktober und erschienen am 13. November 2013. Das iPad mini 2 bringt die Pixelanzahl des iPad Air auf nur 7,9 Zoll unter.

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Digitizer random touch after replacement

My iPad Mini 2 was working fine but had a cracked glass. I replaced the digitizer. Then it started random touches, opens apps, closes, swipes etc. all by itself. I thought this was a bad digitizer so I changed it but with no better result. This happens even if I have not attached the digitizer to the frame (only cable attached) so there can not be any problems with the contacts on the bottom. I put capton tape on all the visible contacts on the bottom of the digitizer and on the contact.

The digitizer is also sometimes completely unresponsive. Suddenly it responds to touch then.

I cleaned the contacts, restored the iPad in iTunes. Nothing helps. Any ideas?


Yes Brian and Jessa you were right. Wish I had read this before. I don't think I am the first one doing this wrong. I bought a new digitizer (third one) and followed the cable instructions very carefully. It works. This is really a delicate cable and this should be the first big warning before trying this repair. I have learned something and that is great! Some lessons cost more than others... :-) Hope you see my picture how the cable should be. Attach the top of the screen, THEN fold in the cable, THEN remove the adhesive from the bottom before closing it up.

Block Image

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Asle---your problem here is bent flex, 100% sure. Very common.

Like Brian said, you have to let the flex bend TOWARD the LCD as in the original. When you let it stick to the adhesive on the frame, it will crease when you put the digitizer in place. Then you're screwed. A new digitizer is the only solution, those tiny wires are crimped and broken.

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%#*@, broke mine fix on ipad mini 2.

how come this does not happen when I repair ipad mini gen 1? I did several ipad mini without be this careful and it always works...


Wait until you get it hehehe.

i spend 3 digitalizer and all of them broken


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Make sure that you are folding the ribbon cable properly. If it gets caught between the glass and aluminum that could cause damage to it. You want to have the cable looping in towards the LCD frame and it should slip down in the gap where the digi cable goes under the lcd to the mother board.

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It looks like it is tucked in there. Not sure how it is supposed to seat. Is this a common problem?


Usually it is caused by the exposed contacts touching the chassis, but in this case if the ribbon cable is bent too far,it could cause issues. Another possibility is that the connector on the logic board is damaged. Or you have 2 defective digitizers. In regards to properly placing the cable, check out the iCracked video on you tube. It has a good view of how the cable is supposed to go, at the end of the video.

Another suggestion is to check the digi after it is fully seated on the ipad. I had one that would act up just as the digi was about an inch away from the chassis but was fine after fully seated.


Like I wrote, this happens even before attaching the screen to the frame so the cable was not folded then. The screen also is randomly unresponsive. Suddenly it responds to touch, then is totally unresponsive.

Do you have a link to the iCracked video?


Thanks. I saw the part in the video where he tucked in the cable. I opened the digitizer and saw that the cable had fastened to the bottom adhesive. I loosened it and tucked it in. But now the touch screen is almost unresponsive. Do you think the cable is damaged then? Do I have to buy a new digitizer?


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