error code on dryer fo1

I ran the diagnostics on my Kenmore gas dryer and got the f01 code. I replaced electronic control board. Dryer still turns on but wont run. The f01 code does not show up any more but I am now getting p-39. There is nothing in the service manual about p-39. Where to go from here? Thanks for any help.

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rossgoessling, it is possible that this is related to the Thermal fuse. Remove the front panel and check the fuse.


I tested the fuse and it is good. I was hoping it would be that easy but I guess not. I certainly appreciate the help. thanks.I did notice that the drum light seems to have a mind of its own. It comes on and stays on when I plug the dryer in. then I run diagnostics, the p-39 appears and when i push stop to exit diagnostics it goes off. This may have nothing to do with my problem though. thank again


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