Backlight Fuse keeps blowing


This is my first post on here as most of the time I've been able to find the answer without asking.

I have a friends A1370 MBA with a backlight blown fuse issue. Without me touching the fuse, everything works and displays on an external monitor no problems.

I changed the fuse yesterday, but that didn't solve the problem. The external display showed the apple logo with the loader bar underneath it. when the bar got to half way loading the fan started spinning very fast and the eventually blew the fuse again. I'm not sure if this was coincident.

I took some measurement before the fuse blew again:

fuse 8v

3&4 of J9000 = 0v

Q9706 Pin 3&4 = 8v , Pin 1,2,5,6 = 0v

I'm not sure what to check next, any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, it's 820-3024 - B


I'm thinking of changing the LP8550 but before I do this i have a question:

The input to q9706 pin 3,4 is 8v, but I'm not getting any output from 1,2,5,6. which in turn sends power to the LP8550. Do you think it could be the Q9706 is at fault?


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