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The Canon Bubblejet i80 is a portable color inkjet printer. It was discontinued and replaced with the Canon Model 8582A001.

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How do I put the ink cartridge in the printer

I have a printer without an ink cartridge. How do I insert the new one?


When I lifted the black lid I couldn't see the cartridges, they were hidden at the far right of the carriage. It wasn't until I switched it on and off a few times that the cartridges returned to the centre position. This made it easy to replace them. Thank you for your advice.

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That the only guide iFixit has on this printer. Follow this link: Canon Bubblejet i80 Printer Cartridge Replacement

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In the event that you have a canon printer you will have a top for checking records. Underneath that middle cover is a segments and ink plate which is over your yield plate. Open your ink plate.

Ensure that your printer is connected to and turned on. All together for the ink compartments to slide into perspective, your printer must be controlled on.

The ink cartridges will slide into perspective in the focal point of your printer.

In some canon printers, for example, the All-in-One printers, there is a top which you lift up to get to the ink cartridges.

If you want to get detailed information about canon printer then you can call at 1-888-924-2961 toll free number anytime for canon printer supporthttp://www.wefix365.us/support-for-canon... services.

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Wat is thé protocole for thé photoshop

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