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Quad-core 10.1" Android tablet with docking keyboard.

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Slow, very slow to operate

My tablet operates, but is very slow to respond. Can it be memory? Can I increase memory? I can be reached at wale@adewoyin.org

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Mines too, i think its the bateery or something. Likely becausenit was on too long operating, It was super hot. After the long use, its super slow, i suspect thats the problem prologanged usage.

And when i asked asus the repair cost it was like 200, which is like buying a new tablet...

I just wanna fix it cheap.

Want it fast game, and save money

Please help



no, it's not memory, the Asus Transformer proudly holds the distinction as probably the worst tablet ever built .


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try rebooting your device and if that fails go to a tech store and they should help you

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Could I diy this, buying parts from this site?



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For Lawale Adewoyin even if it's a year ago.

The tablet needs to have free memory. You can use an app called "ES task manager" wich come with a widget showing how many pourcent the memory is occupied. Your TF300 will be very slow when memory is going over 80%

this widget can also kill unused app to free memory by simply touch it.

It will be helpful to "deactivate" somme unwanted app in the application manager, like those bloatware named facebook, twitter, yahoo weather, yahoo news, google talk etc...

my tf300t is running well, his memory never go below 50% after return back to the desktop and killing app.

this is also usefull for any android device.

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