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sound is no longer working. why?

sound stopped working in my gateway laptop.

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You may have a corrupted driver causing the issue. In the windows control panel under hardware and sound is the device manager. In device manager you can see if there is a driver installed and if its functioning correctly. If the sound card is missing a driver or the driver installed is not the correct one then go to gateway's website and download and install the correct driver for your sound card. Sometimes windows update will update the drivers and install incorrect drivers which cause issues like this.

If you indeed have the correct driver installed then you may want to enter your bios menu to see if maybe the sound has been disabled. If the bios setting are good and the correct driver is installed then you may have a failing sound card.

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You can also uninstall the audio device (keep driver) in device manager and reboot the computer...If that does not work, uninstall both the device and driver within device manager then reboot. This will cause it to reinstall the device and install a new driver.

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