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Any parts of MBP 13 Retina that I can salvage?

Hi guys

Recently my MBP 13" Retina late 2013's logicboard got fried and my warranty expired just a month before. Replacing it would be very costly so I decided to revert back to using my previous MBP 15" Unibody mid 2010. I was wondering if there are any parts of the MBP 13" that I can salvage and wire them into my old MBP 15" to up it's performance? I do realise that there are many parts that are not compatible, just hopeful that it's not all of them.

Hope to hear from you guys!



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You may want to look into having your motherboard repaired by a group not encumbered by the Apple Certification Standards---for Apple certified shops, they are not allowed to solve common chip level defects where a $2 ic chip on the board is the only thing wrong with the board, and instead force you to spring for an unecessary entire new board as if it were a single component.

There is a lot of great content online to try and dig into solving your logic board problem yourself, or you could tap into the large online community of pro's that are into board level troubleshooting. There are some amazing experts, but also many folks that are interested in adding board-level troubleshooting to the repair repertoire.

that's what I would do.


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Thank you! I will look into it x


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