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The HP Slate 7 Plus was released December 2013 and runs on Android 4.2.2.

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My tablet resets every time I turnt it off (not on sleep)

Every time i power the device off, the sytem will factory data reset. Ive searched in youtube for solutions but there are none. If you could help man thatd be good

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I too have the same problem is there any solution for it please help???


Every time i power the device on, the system automatically go to power off. Ive searched in youtube for solutions but there are none. please help


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If it resets every time, you have nothing to lose by doing this. I'm going to tell you how to boot into recovery and do a reset. Turn off the device, press and hold Volume Up and Power. Release all keys when you see HP logo, then use Volume down key to select Factory Reset. Press power and it will begin a full reset. Setup your device and see if that fixed it. Hope that can help.

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thanks for the replay but i did that couple times and still doing the same thing


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