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The Azpen A909 tablet, released in 2011, has a 9-inch LCD touchscreen display and operates on the Google Android 4.4 system. Repair for this device requires prying tools, a small screwdriver, and possibly a soldering iron.

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Why won't my tablet turn on?


When I try to turn on my Azpen tablet, it doesn't power on. I had it on the charger all night, but still I have no response to pushing the power button. My warranty has expired so I am hoping I will not have to take it somewhere for fixing.

Is there anything I can do to try to do that doesn't require much experience in the world of tinkering with tablets?

Thanks for your time!

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There are many possible causes for the issue your tablet is facing. It could be a result of a dead battery, a broken charger/port, or even something as simple as a frozen screen. It is very likely that the problem can be solved easily. Refer to the troubleshooting guide for more information.

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Buy a friggin new one laimo

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Find a hot water bottle to put on top of the battery ,as WHICH is the ionic liquid, the cold weather easily freeze the battery, battery can be removed if you use the universal rechargeyour, Flush enough, not be ok,next step to find the output voltage is larger than the original charger (not higher than 10V), it is impossible,then go to buy a bttery to change,it is not expensive.hope can help you.

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i don't know if there is the battery on here www.iboxfix.com


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