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The Azpen A909 tablet, released in 2011, has a 9-inch LCD touchscreen display and operates on the Google Android 4.4 system. Repair for this device requires prying tools, a small screwdriver, and possibly a soldering iron.

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I can't update my tablet! What do I do?

Hi there,

The most recent software update from Android came out not too long ago and I am having some difficulty installing it on my tablet. When I go to try and update my tablet, nothing happens. It doesn't even begin to start downloading the update.

I tried backing up my tablet and saving my pictures and deleted all of my apps, but still nothing happens.

Is there something else I can do that might allow me to update it?

Thank you

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If a scheduled factory update fails to initiate, the device could be low on memory. Some files, apps, pictures or videos will have to be deleted in order to make room.

If that doesn't help, refer to the troubleshooting page.

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May be a network connection failure or installation access restrictions due. To install the system update file must be installed Licenses. If the phone is not ROOT, general operating system can not be updated. Good luck to you!www.iboxfix.com

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