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Released September 2013, identified with model number T100T. 2-in-1 portable with Quad core Intel® Atom™ processor and 2GB of RAM.

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Change the emmc memory

Can i change the emmc memory of 32gb for another one of 64gb?

With the update of windows 8, only rest me 3gb free.

Impossible lives with 3gb free.

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Hola; Por favor me podrian ayudar? Tengo una Tablet ASUS Transformer le ejecute el comando "Diskpart" y limpie todas las particiones. Eso fue un error mio.

Ahora quiero instalar el Windows pero no me muestra la unidad de almacenamiento o disco duro (eMMC).

Como puedo hacer que me muestre la unidad y poder instalarle el Windows???

Investigue y supe de "Remo Recovery Windows" me dice que este programa recupera inclusive particiones.

Que me aconsejas???

Agradecere tu apoyo.

Hello; Could you please help me? I have an ASUS Transformer Tablet to run the "Diskpart" command and clean all the partitions. That was my mistake.

Now I want to install Windows but it does not show me the storage drive or hard drive (eMMC).

How can I show the unit and install the Windows ???

Investigate and I knew about "Remo Recovery Windows" it tells me that this program recovers even partitions.

What do you advise me ???

I appreciate your support.

William Santana E. williamsantanae@hotmail.com


create a windows 10 bootable usb must be 32bit. Disable secure boot and boot off USB and re-install windows. Hope this help if you still have this. I actually just wiped mine to install a linux distro and got rid of windows all together.


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No, you can't change the eMMC storage drive in this tablet/netbook. It is soldered to the motherboard, so unless you are really comfortable with soldering and can solder extremely tiny connections, it is not possible. You do have other options though. You can get a UHS1 Micro SD Card, and install that in the SD card slot on the side. Then create a folder inside of your C:/ Drive,(I named mine Ext Storage) and leave it empty. Then format the card and instead of choosing a letter for the drive, tell Windows to mount it to an empty folder, and select the folder you created. Then you can go into the computer settings and change the default locations of all of your personal folders, i.e. My Documents, My Pictures, My Downloads etc. You can even change the default location of your desktop folder. This way all of your data will be stored on the SD card, leaving more room for all of your apps from the Windows Store (The Windows Store App location can not be changed, at least not that I know of). Just remember to not remove the card from the T100 when you are using it, or all of your data will not be accessible. It is also advisable to encrypt the data on the SD card in case it is misplaced or stolen. Don't use BitLocker unless you have upgraded to 8/8.1 Pro though. Even though ASUS says it works, I always had bad luck with it, and was constantly having to enter my encryption key manually. There are other encryption programs out there though, you just have to Google for them. If you have upgraded to Pro though, BitLocker works great, I have been using it for over a year on my T100 for all of my drives (eMMC, Micro SD, and Thumb Drive). Just remember to store your encryption key in a secure location in case you have to restore your T100. BitLocker allows you to store it on a portable device and on your OneDrive, so if you do restore you can simple recover your key from there. I hope this helps, and if you have any issues mounting the SD Card, just let me know and I will assist you.

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Is it work on any windows tablet?


Check whether your mini computer has an internal provision to fix a hdd. My iball excelance ohd compbook has and I have fixed an additional 1 tb hdd inside.


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if you don't mind to pry out your device and do some serious soldering, yes you can. but you have to find a replacement emmc that suits your need and also match and compatible with your device, not to mention some tools and material to do the procedure such as flux, soldering paste, a heatgun, and also emmc soldering stencil, and other various tools.

but trust me it's easier to said than done..

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It looks like the thing is glued in there...anybody know if that red substance is the only thing holding the emmc and memory on the motherboard? Also, anyone know the max memory and storage data the motherboard will take? Thanks!

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This looks like an adhesive to me, just want to know if I get that off, can I just pull it out to upgrade? Or is it actually soldered in as well


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www.pepcomputer.it per info

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