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The Nabi Jr is a 5 inch learning tablet designed for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children. Model: NABIJR-NV5B.

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No volume is coming from my Nabi Jr. speakers how do I fix this?

When I go to play a game on my Nabi Jr. no volume is coming from the speakers but the game is playing. Ive tried turning it off and back on but it doesn't fix the issue.

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I have a nabi it plays but no sound can you tell me how to fix it. Thank you

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This one can be a bit tricky. First and foremost, try to plug in a pair of headphones you know work. If the headphones seem to be working all right, your speakers probably broke. See the repair guides for how to do this.

If the headphones also don't work, the problem may actually be the motherboard itself. This is a slightly more complex fix, but there's a repair guide for this too.

Both of the repair guides mentioned may be found on the device page, www.ifixit.com/Device/Nabi_Jr

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Download this app called soundabout it started working. .. it's only a temporary fix you will have to buy the app if you like sound smh

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