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The Xiaomi Mi 3 is a high-end, premium Android smartphone that is produced by Xiaomi.

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Any tips for replacing the charging port?

I want to replace the charging port as it is broken. Please help.

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Hi Gaurav, I just want to ask, when you replaced the charging dock where there any components on it that you had to solder? Or was it a simple screw/unscrew replacement.

Thanks a lot!


Just un screw and replace a riblon that is gently glued


Hi Marcel, thank you so much for your assistance. One last question I promise and forgive my ignorance in the topic. Regarding the Xiomi mi3 charging docks, it seems that there are two options.

1)One with a mic on it (http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/68262...)

2)One without (http://www.ebay.com/itm/231518898672)

Not sure which I needed I ended up ordering both. Is the mic soldered? Which one should I use?


I want replace charging pot.I need open whole phone?


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Please check out the touch screen replacement manual as far as the usb ribbon is changed.

You may change it without the motherboard remove Step. So from Step 5 go directly to Step 9... It is easy.

You will find replacement part on aliexpress site.

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Hi I have the exact same problem where is this manual you are referring to? Could be kind enough to post me a link? Cheers


Thank you! It worked perfectly.


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Hi I have same problem

I was ordered this part 2 time from eBay but after replacing it.

No service

There is reception problem please guide me from which place original part will available

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Hi Guarav Narang Sir

Please help me about replacing this part


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