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Released Spring 2015 RCA 7-in 8GB Adroid 4.2 Tablet

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How can I fix the volume button on my tablet?

While the sound is working on my tablet, I am unable to change it using the volume button. It seems to be jammed or broken in some way. Is it possible to replace?

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I want y'all to fix my charger and my tablet


My power button n my sound button is jammed I need to know how much it cost to get it fixed, I didn't drop it or anything it's just jammed because I banged it on the table on accident because it didnt go to portrait mode


The buttons on the Voyager 7 RCA tablet not working when I rotate it to the side it don't work or function the way it did before


My RCA tablet came off and I can't find it can I still use it.


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If the button appears to be jammed or broken it is easy to replace using the following guide.

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