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Set-tTop-Boxen, die unter Android laufen.

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Tv box when plug power not start


I have a Android tv box and it not working

when i plug the power it turns on for 0.5 sec blue led

and orange led

orange led is in the part of LAN

blue is the power light

Can anyone help me ?

Thank You !

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my android tv box no power how can I fix it


my android tv box want power up it r39 4k docooler box


I plug my power cord to the tv box and I can’t get the blue light to come on. I took it to work and the IT guys plugged it in and it works fine. I know I have a power supply.


I plug my T95m in to the power source and the blue light will not come on. I took it to the IT guys at work they hooked it up right off. Why doesn’t it work in my house.


I am having the same problem, cannot get the main page at all. When i brought it down to the dealer, it works fine, however, the same problem pops up again when i plug it at home. How to resolve this?


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you need to reflash the firmware of your box

pin the box probably from the av port with a pin and at the same time plug the power add the firmware on an sd card and select apply update from external.


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Sometimes its not enough. You may need to do a mask rom, by shorting two pins of a particular chip nside hardware. There are various free software to do a reset and load a rom, depending on the kind of processor you have.

Often the problem could also be the power supply.



My Android TV box got corrupted while I was trying to flash a custom firmware.

Now I am unable to get any light on while powering it up.

I have an amlogic 905X processor, can you please suggest some way to power up the Mini II m8s android TV box?



I have a W95 Android box that will not turn on when I plug the power cable into it!

Why is this??


You have a bricked box and the only way to possibly fix it is to take the back off and find a working tone key and at the same time use a computer program to push the original firmware into it.


my r-box pro not staying on when power up?


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Hi @ sami.jayne,

If there is no led display on the T95, use a DMM (digital multimeter - voltmeter function) to check if the power adapter’s voltage output is OK.

As best that I can determine the voltage / current output for a power adapter for a T95 box is +5V DC / 2A (2000mA). It should be stamped on the adapter itself.

If it is OK and if the T95 is new out of the box, contact the seller as there is a problem in the box.

What is the “brand” name of the T95 Android box that you have?

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Hi, my transpeed 6k tv box is stuck on booting please what should I do. Thanks


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