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Released November 2006. Identified by product id: 200763U.

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Cannot reboot new hard drive

I Just installed a new hard drive for my Thinkpad T60, 320GB 2.5 in Hard Disk Drive, plus a new 2GB Memory RAM Upgrade. (I was having the rebooting problem before I installed the RAM Upgrade when I got the new hard drive) IAfter installing, and starting it looked good then it said: "Cannot boot from any device" and this list followed:

1: USB FDD-device not found

2: ATAPI CD0-no valid operating system

3: USB CD: device not found

4: ATA HDD0: no valid operating system

5: PCI LAN: no valid operating system

6: USB HDD-device not found

7: ATA HDD1-device not found

Excluded from boot order:



So am I royally screwed here or what???? :-(

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Select ATA HDD for primary boot order. But if the hard drive doesn't have an Operating System then it won't boot.

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Change the Legacy mode

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