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Announced January 2014, Comes with Android OS, V 4.2 (Jelly Bean), Camera, MP3, Dual Sim, WiFi.

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I dropped my phone and now screen is white

i dropped my phone and screen has been white ever since

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Hello Mohagany, the white screen is a solid indicator that the LCD has been damaged and needs to be replaced. The LCD is only responsible for displaying an image on the screen, so if there is no image unusually there's a problem with the lcd. You should go ahead and replace your lcd/digitizer with a new one to get the phone working properly again. Best of luck with your repair.

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What if I have a black screen the phone is coming on I know it is on but you just cant see anything on the phone it dropped and sincs then thats what happens the phone comes on its working but the screen is black please help


The display may have a damaged LCD resulting in a black screen. I would try checking the LCD's connection on the motherboard just to make sure it did not pop loose when the phone was dropped. If the connection is good then it's safe to assume the LCD is damaged and needs replaced.


Hey my friend had dropped his phone several times and Everytime it dropped it automatically restarted, today he dropped his phone once again and when it just shows a white screen. You can hear the opening tune and everything else, but you just see a white screen.


How much would it cost to have your LCD replaced?


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