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9th generation Honda compact car.

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Why is my oil light on?

Why is the oil icon on my dashboard lit up?

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This is an important issue. This means low oil pressure. The vehicle should be taken to a mechanic or oil change center immediately as the engine could seise and harm itself if it does not have sufficient lubrication. This is not just a reminder to do routine maintenance, but is a warning that your engine is having serious problems with the oil system. This could be as simple as not having enough oil, or could signal a larger issue with the engine oil system.

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You also might check that you are using the correct oil. My 2012 honda civic uses 0W20 fully synthetic oil.

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I am having Low oil pressure warning on my 2013 1.8 civic only in sharp right corners, only in neutral or low rpm (1000rpm or less with no acceleration). Will replace oil pressure switch soon hopefully that will be it.

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I have the same issue! Help! 2013 Civic EX 1.8L; Info message displays as you state, often times with Oil Icon lite, which generates clicking noise at the VTec / Valve / oil pump area; raising RPM to 3k always resolves the issue, but only very temporarily.


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