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Überarbeitung der Xbox 360-Reihe von Spielekonsolen (Version Mitte 2013) mit 4 USB-Anschlüssen und integrierter Wi-Fi-Konnektivität.

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It is possible to just replace fan

My son has a x box 360E the cooling fan is making noise, and will prevent the console from being used. Is it possible to just replacement the fan? Do we HAVE to buy special tools to make the change, or are we able to use small screw drivers and tools non specific to x box?

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yes you can replace it


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aloram85, you will need a T6,T9, and T10 screwdriver. Use this guide to get to the fan.

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I would not just replace the fan as it is often a problem with fan-cooled-devices that it is running too fast, because of dust sitting in the heat sink or new thermal grease needs to be applied onto the cpu of the xbox. There are many videos on youtube how to do this! Such as this one:


In my case it already helped to use a high pressure spray by spraying into the fan of the xbox. So probably it wasn't a thermal-grease-problem ;)


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